All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes at IHOP


NEW YORK (MainStreet) – We’ve always scoffed at the “international” part of the International House of Pancakes’ moniker – the chain only operates in three countries – but there’s no denying that it’s serious about pancakes.

Last September IHOP offered three free pancake meals to anyone willing to hand over his or her e-mail address in what was inexplicably dubbed a “revolution”, and earlier this year, the chain offered a free candy-covered pancake to kids as a Halloween promotion. Now it’s bringing back a popular promotion for hardcore pancakers: All-you-can-eat pancakes.

From now until Feb. 27, pancake lovers can get a combo platter starting at $4.99 that includes two buttermilk pancakes, eggs any style, homefries and a choice of breakfast porks (bacon, ham or sausage). If you’re somehow still hungry you can then continue to order stacks of pancakes (three at a time!) “until the guest is satisfied,” says the company.

Price and participation varies by location, so call ahead and make sure your local IHOP is offering the deal as advertised. Also make sure you’re prepared to eat as many pancakes as possible. We recommend fasting for a day and then clearing your schedule to maximize your pancake intake.

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