Airplane Smoking Makes a Comeback, Sort Of


Most travelers know that you can never smoke on a plane, but one cigarette company is looking to get around that policy.

Blu Cigs, a company that manufactures electronic cigarettes, announced a partnership with a charter jet service to distribute e-cigarettes to passengers. The airline, Global Exec Aviation, which is based in Southern California, will now offer a complimentary pack of disposable e-cigarettes, which allows smokers to inhale a vaporized form of nicotine, to any customer who wants to smoke.

According to a joint press release from the two companies, this initiative is intended to “allow passengers to satisfy cravings to smoke without impacting air travel safety or disturbing non-smoking customers.”

The Department of Transportation has no regulations yet for electronic cigarettes, but it currently bans smoking on all major U.S. airlines. Charter flights can allow smoking, but those that do must provide a non-smoking section.

The main incentive for using electronic cigarettes – on a flight or in general – is that there is no actual smoke, which makers claim is better for your lungs and does no harm to the people around you.

However, earlier this year, the Federal Drug Administration warned that electronic cigarette companies may be making unsubstantiated health claims about their product, and that more testing is still needed to prove their health benefits.

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