Airlines May Let Passengers Tag Bags


The airport check-in experience may be about to get much easier.

Several major airlines including Delta (Stock Quote: DAL), American (Stock Quote: AMR) and Air Canada are currently in talks with the Transportation Security Administration to introduce a process for self-tagging luggage, USA Today reports.

Instead of having airport staff place tags on checked baggage to get them to their destinations, passengers would be able to print these labels in the airport and tag the bags themselves.

According to the paper, this procedure is commonly used abroad as a way to save time, but is not yet permitted in the United States. So U.S.-based airlines are asking the government agency for a trial run here.

While tagging your own bags has never been possible here, many airlines in the U.S. do let customers check in and get their boarding passes automatically through a kiosk rather than having to go through an airline employee. In fact, not only is that practice now widespread, one recent survey found that travelers actually prefer the automated kiosks than dealing with an actual person. It seems likely that they would take to the self-tagging process.

Unfortunately, even if the procedure is adopted, the overall airline experience in the U.S. will likely still be a frustrating one for many travelers thanks to recently introduced security procedures.

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