8 Ways to Re-Use Household Items


Thrift can be chic when you use your creativity. Here, we’ve taken a slew of everyday household items and found cool new uses for them. You’ll “recycle” more, throw out less and likely get a little more organized and efficient in the meantime.

1. Melt old candles. Even luxe candles burn down, leaving enough wax to create another candle. We recommend you do just that! Melt down wax from old candles by putting wax in a melt-proof container like a jar or coffee can and insert into pan of simmering water on stove. Once melted, pour into your favorite mold (think shot glasses, old jars, interesting cans, etc.). You can buy wicks online or create your own from cotton string dipped in wax. You save cash and preserve the unused half of an expensive candle.

2. Transform glass jars into organizers. Few things are as multipurpose as these babies. In the garage, mud room or storage area, attach the lids to the bottom of a shelf or beam, then fill with nails, small tools, clothes pins, anything.  In the bathroom, we love them for cotton balls, Q-tips and makeup brushes. And the kitchen? Store all your dried products in them, including grains, sea salts and spices.

3. Fun bottles can become cool glass vases. Funky-shaped or cool-colored balsamic vinegar, olive oil and wine bottles easily transform into vases once the labels are removed. Mix and match sizes and shapes for a chic sideboard display.

4. Turn old shoeboxes into stylish memory cases.
We love covering sturdy boxes with kitschy wrapping paper or fabric and then using them to organize photos and/or other memories from events (like ticket stubs or theater playbills). You’ll save time and money, plus churn out a customized version of the same stuff they sell at Container Store or Pottery Barn.

5. Repurpose sunglasses cases as carryalls. Chunky hard-cased holders can keep your lipsticks together or longer, fabric varieties can be a go-to spot for makeup brushes or pens. Soft styles with top clasps are perfect for separating business receipts from credit cards and cash.

6. Use small condiment jars for tiny items without a home. Junk drawers be gone! Those cute little containers for tapenades, dips and marinades can hold buttons, safety pins, loose change—basically anything that’s free-floating around your drawers, bathroom cabinets or closet floors. If they’re not aesthetically pleasing enough as is, hit your local art supply shop for some paint and decorate them.

7. Create hip pillowcases from old sheets. If you have any sewing ability whatsoever, update your couch or bed with fun pillows made from old linens dyed in fresh shades and abstract patterns. It takes little time and DIY projects keep your mind focused on fun.

8. Make over old dresses. If you love their fabrics or patterns, but the garments are damaged or the styles outdated, turn them into scarves (either professionally done or cut them and leave the edges unfinished) or have them shortened into tunics. Tailoring is a fraction of the cost of buying new pieces and you’ll get to enjoy updated fashions.



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