8 Crazy Ways To Spend Your Stimulus Check, As Suggested By Craigslist Sellers


Craigslist, the online message board site that is a one-stop go-to site for basically anything. Movie tickets to the Sex and the City (TWC) premiere? A new apartment? A wizard's cloak? All there. It therefore comes as no surprise that the sellers on Craigslist also have a few suggestions for how to spend your stimulus check.

Payment schedules for the Bush administration’s $168 billion economic stimulus package for those filing 2007 tax returns have already been determined by the Internal Revenue Service and have been based on the last two digits of the filer’s Social Security number. The first checks began rolling out April 28.

Whether or not you’ve gotten your check already, here are a few opportunities for you to spend your government rebate:

(Note: MainStreet does not vouch for the authenticity of any Craigslist postings.)

WHAT: A 1964 Italian Vespa scooter in L.A.!
HOW MUCH: $2,400.
SELLER SAYS: "Put that stimulus check into something that will be a great investment, beat the gas prices and make you look cooler."

WHAT: Twenty tickets to home games for the Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis!
HOW MUCH: $1,200.
SELLER SAYS: "Take your stimulus rebate check and invest in the future," says this season ticket holder.

WHAT: A cherrywood Gibson guitar (to help bail out a gambler, natch) in Vegas!
HOW MUCH: $600
SELLER SAYS: "buy a gibson flying v with your stimulus check…selling my faded cherrywood gibson flying v for $600 because i gambled some important money and lost."

WHAT: A weather-proof pet door in Houston!
HOW MUCH: Less than $600.
SELLER SAYS: "Why not put that $600.00 economic stimulus check to a really good use by making your pets happy with just a small portion of it?"

WHAT: Bunkbeds in Atlanta!
HOW MUCH: $575
SELLER SAYS: "Let the Government pay for your Child's New Bunk Bed!"

WHAT: A slot machine in NYC!
HOW MUCH: $495
SELLER SAYS: "Spend your refund or stimulus check here and get your money back from your friends and family when they visit!"

WHAT: A deep-blue velvet elf/wizard cloak for live-action role-playing in Portland, OR!
HOW MUCH: $150
SELLER SAYS: "Don't Wait, take that stimulus check in hand, and come over to NE Portland. Now is the time to get that unique stand out Costume for the Cons and Halloween season."

WHAT: “I Spent My Economic Stimulus Refund at the Gas Station” tee shirts in Detroit!
"Show how you feel about the high gas prices with these one of a kind t-shirts."

What does MainStreet recommend that you do with your stimulus check? Unless you really need a deep blue velvet wizard cloak, avoid the lure of the ‘list, and donate your rebate to charity or sock it away for an emergency fund.

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