6 Sites To Help Cut Food Prices


Head to the Web for countless tips on how to cut back on grocery spending. Be sure to check the Web sites of your favorite grocery store, as well as those of your favorite products.

Some other sites to get you started include:

Better Budgeting, a broad money-saving site, which includes several calculators for working out budgets or paying down debt, tips, links to coupons and more.
Coupon Mom, provides links to coupons for all sorts of products, plus articles for savings in all areas of your budget.
The Dollar Stretcher, run by a former financial planner, features tips on groceries and dozens of other ways to save.
Grocery Coupon Guide, offers a range of resources on where to find grocery coupons and how to use them to full advantage.
Grocery Savings, run by the creator of Better Budgeting, offers more than 200 tips for saving at the store.
Wesabe, a financial community, allows users to track their own finances and share thoughts, concerns and tips with other members.

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