5 Insane Cyber Monday Deals


If you’re suffering from shopping fatigue after your Thanksgiving weekend spending binge, we completely understand. But these five deals are good enough to delay your entry into retail rehab.

Microsoft (Stock Quote: MSFT) is offering several free giveaways with purchases today. If you buy a computer, they’ll give you a free printer. If you buy a Sony Vaio laptop, they’ll give you a free 16 gigabyte Zune. Plus there are deals on netbooks, software and yes, even video games.

Starting today, Starwood Hotels and Resort will be offering some great deals for the holidays, with discounts of as much as 45% off regular rates. The deal is only good online, and will go until Wednesday.

Given how quickly the Barnes and Nobles e-reader sold out, maybe now is the time to turn your attention to buying actual books, old school style. Today and tomorrow only, if you buy any book at Borders, you can get a second one for 60 percent off. Or try Barnes and Nobles (Stock Quote: BKS), which is offering 50 percent off all New York Times bestsellers.

Designer Clothing
There is currently a half-off deal on women’s clothes at Nordstrom and 25 percent off all sale items at Kate Spade, not to mention free shipping.


Unlike Microsoft, Apple's (Stock Quote: AAPL) deals are really nothing to write home about. But given that the company almost never discounts its products, many Apple aficionados are desperate enough to pounce on these modest sales. Today only, Apple is offering small price cuts on accessories for the Mac, iPod and iPhone. Headphones, cases and software are all about 10 percent cheaper (like the special iPhone case and rechargeable battery that is selling for $72, down from $80.) There are also some price reductions on apps for the iPhone. Or, if you feel like going crazy, pick up Apple’s Vestax Spin DJ, which lets users “scratch, mix and loop” their iTunes tracks. It’s now on sale for a modest $225 (it usually costs about $20 more). Thank you Apple, your holiday spirit continues to just blow us away.


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