5 Great Cities to Retire In


Your parents might have dreamed that retirement would consist of days spent on a porch with a glass of lemonade, occasionally fielding calls and visits from the grandkids. But that’s probably not your idea of a life of leisure.

Today’s retirees don’t want to get geriatric; they want to get energetic. Thanks to modern medicine, baby boomers are going to be the healthiest retirement generation ever, so old retirement clichés like bingo and early-bird specials just don’t apply anymore. Instead, many boomers are choosing to use their retirement as an opportunity to try new things and reinvent their lives. Of course, they still want to find a place to live comfortably.

Here are some popular places to retire, and get the most out of the next stage of life:

Portland, Maine
You might not think of Maine when you think of retirement, but you should. Portland offers a unique blend of outdoor activities, cultural enrichment and intellectual stimulation. This scenic New England town is Maine’s largest city, but it only has a population of about 64,000. Located on the seacoast, retirees can enjoy the beauty of the waterfront and super fresh seafood. There's also walking, hiking and biking through the extensive trail system. Many Portland residents abandon their cars in favor of the popular public transit system or their own two feet. Additionally, Boston is only 100 miles south and easily reached by Amtrak. Beware of the winters though, as it does get cold up there.

Sarasota, Fla.
Retiring to Florida may seem cliché, but it’s popular for a reason. Besides the unbeatable weather, Florida also offers no state income tax, which can mean a lot when you’re operating on a fixed income. In Sarasota, your money also goes far in terms of real estate and prices have been falling. Residents can enjoy 35 miles of beaches, abundant golfing and boating. Additionally, this city offers numerous cultural opportunities including opera, theater and art galleries. Sarasota also ranks high among foodies compared to other cities of its size.

Green Valley, Ariz.
Arizona has long been a popular retirement destination thanks to its warm, dry and sunny climate. Just 25 miles south of Tucson, Green Valley is a desert haven for retirees and features mostly age-restricted housing. Green Valley Recreation is a nonprofit organization that runs a dozen local recreation centers. These centers offer a veritable smorgasbord of activities, from tennis to swimming to computer classes. Retirees in Green Valley are never wont for things to do. Into bird watching? Nearby Madera Canyon is one of the best bird-watching places in the world.

Boulder, Colo.
When it comes to outdoor sports, Boulder is second to none. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder offers retirees an idyllic outdoor lifestyle that features biking, hiking  and mountain sports like skiing and snowshoeing. But it’s not all just exercise for the body, you can also exercise your mind. Boulder is essentially a college town, home to the University of Colorado. Although the weather isn’t always warm, it's sunny almost all year. Unfortunately, the cost of living is high in Boulder, but there are other towns in the surrounding areas with more affordable housing.

Spokane, Wash.
This riverfront town is home to about 200,000 people. Thanks to its proximity to the Rockies, it also offers an abundance of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, boating and skiing. Additionally, Spokane has the perfect mild climate for golfing. The downtown area is rich with historic buildings and cultural activities. A young vibe is injected in the city from the thousands of college students in town. When you retire here, you won’t have to worry about income tax, and housing and utility costs are low.

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