4 Reasons a Verizon iPhone Isn’t That Great


Rumors have been swirling for months that Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) would partner with Verizon (Stock Quote: VZ) to release an iPhone on its network. Last week, those rumors were all but verified, with both the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal reporting that a Verizon iPhone will come out early next year.

According to both papers, Apple will release another version of the iPhone 4 that will be compatible with Verizon’s wireless network, in addition to releasing a newer model later in the year. Yet previous reports had found that AT&T (Stock Quote: T) had inked a five-year exclusivity deal for the iPhone that would last until 2012.

Part of the reason Apple may be considering a move to expand to a new wireless network prior to the end of the contract is the increased competition the iPhone now faces from Android phones. During the past year, the iPhone’s share of the mobile web market has dropped by 11%, while the Android’s has shot up by 19%. Other reports have found that the two mobile operating systems will be tied for market share by the end of next year, which is bad news for Apple.

A Verizon iPhone may prove an irresistible buy for many who are attracted by the features of the iPhone, but wary of dealing with the shoddy service that many complain about with AT&T.

Yet for all the negative press surrounding the iPhone on AT&T’s network, the truth is that a Verizon iPhone may still have a fair amount of drawbacks.

1. No Multitasking

For one thing, the Wall Street Journal is already reporting that the Verizon iPhone would have a major shortcoming. At the moment, Verizon does not allow mobile phone users to e-mail or browse the Web while talking on their phone. However, this kind of multitasking is standard on AT&T’s iPhone and would likely be sorely missed.

2. Limited Data Plan Options

Earlier this year, AT&T earned mixed reviews when it became the first company to end its unlimited data plan. However, in recent months, Verizon has also suggested that it would be open to following in AT&T’s footsteps.

3. Antenna Problems

The biggest complaint about the iPhone 4 has been the problems with its antenna, which wraps around edge of the phone and can lose reception if held the wrong way. However, according to several rumors, Apple is not likely to redesign the antenna for the Verizon version of the iPhone, at least not yet. So if one of your concerns about getting an iPhone is reception, be warned that it may still be an issue even with the Verizon iPhone.

4. The end of competition

As one blog pointed out recently, the introduction of a Verizon iPhone would likely cause millions of potential smartphone owners to switch to the iPhone. That’s great for Verizon and Apple, but it necessarily limits competition and gives Apple even more control over the market. The iPhone is good, but is it good enough to potentially be the only successful smartphone?

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