4 More Employers with Great Part-Time Benefits


If you can only work part-time, here's a little bit of good news: according to statistics compiled by SimplyHired the number of part-time jobs with benefits has increased 81% since November 2007. If you're seeking part-time work, you can find companies that will give you health insurance and other benefits. Here are four that are hiring right now.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Pay: The most common hourly position, executive assistant, had an average yearly pay of around $65,000, according to a recent Fortune survey, but this included workers with a variety of schedules.

Work Hours: Flexible; many positions also offer the option of job-sharing or telecommuting. Even if openings aren't specifically listed as part-time, applicants are encouraged to apply and then discuss the possibility of a part-time/flexible schedule when contacted by a company representative.

Benefits: Health plan, tuition assistance. Booz Allen also contributes about 10% of each employee's total compensation into a capital accumulations account

Job Locations: Nationwide

Time off: Employees can bank paid-time-off credits and use them as needed.
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JP Morgan Chase (Stock Quote: JPM)

Pay: Tellers generally start around $10 per hour; other positions vary and may involve a combination of base salary and commissions.

Work Hours: Must work at least 20 hours per week to be eligible for benefits.

Benefits: Numerous medical coverage options, life insurance, disability insurance and retirement plans. Part-time employees are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following 90 days of employment. If you've worked for JP Morgan Chase or any of its predecessor organizations in the past, your prior service may count toward eligibility and vesting for certain benefit programs.

Job Locations: More than 5,000 Chase and WaMu locations nationwide.

Time Off: Time off policies involve both paid and unpaid days off.
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Pay: $10 per hour base pay for armored car drivers and guards; additional $.75 per hour for those with ATM certification; additional $.50 per hour for those with CDL Class B with airbrake certification.

Work Hours: Must work at least 20 hours per week to be eligible for benefits.

Benefits: Optional health insurance, retirement plan, $100,000 in accidental death and dismemberment coverage, bullet-resistant vest purchase program, company-provided uniforms.

Job Locations: Nationwide; they have 1,000 armored trucks in service every day.

Time Off: Vacation days.
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Pay: Under $10 per hour

Work Hours: Must work 20 hours per week for benefits

Benefits: The big perk here is the health care benefits package. They offer an affordable health care package (full medical, dental, vision) for all hourly employees who work at least 20 hours a week for six months. At $15 per month, an individual is covered with no deductible. At $30 per month, an individual and his/her children are covered with no deductible.

Job Locations: 39 locations in the Pacific Northwest
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