15 Seconds of Fame for $15 (or Less)


Some people would sell their soul for a few seconds of stardom in the Big Apple. But now, all you need to do is buy a pair of socks.

American Eagle announced today that they are opening up a new flagship store in Times Square later this month, and to promote themselves they are launching an innovative marketing campaign, called “15 Seconds of Fame.”

Customers who purchase something at this particular American Eagle, be it a $50 shirt or a $12 pair of socks, will have the option to have their face broadcast on an electronic billboard above the store, along with a short message.

Reuters reports that when customers go to check out, they “will be invited to pose in a mini photo studio. Moments after, the customer`s photo will be projected onto the 15,000 square feet of LED screens (25 stories high) outside the store, for all of Times Square to see.”

According to USA Today, an estimated 500,000 people pass through Times Square on a typical day. If you take a good photo and pick a catchy message, maybe you can even get a job out of it. (In this job market, it’s certainly worth a try!)

Similar promotional stunts have taken place in the past. Kodak, for example, used to broadcast one photo a day from its customers on their massive billboard in Times Square.

Ultimately, it’s a win-win for the company. American Eagle’s promotion starts Nov. 19, just before holiday sales take off. It’s a great way for American Eagle to set themselves apart from their retail competitors and, just as importantly, to stand out in the crowded Times Square area.

On top of that, customers will undoubtedly take pictures of themselves on the billboard and blast it across the Internet to friends and peers. That’s more free publicity for American Eagle.

However, if we know anything about New Yorkers, they will probably become blasé about this new opportunity in a few weeks’ time.

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