12 Warning Signs That 'Job' Is a Scam


With unemployment at a 26-year high, job hiring scams are become very popular, especially online. Here's some warning signs that perfect job you found, might actually be a scam.

1. The job offers very high pay, often including pledges that the income will generate itself.

2. The work involved requires few qualifications or little skill, and is often done at home.

3. Some stage of the work involves wire transfers of money. The scammer may say the position requires someone to "process payments," ''transfer funds" or act as a "mystery shopper" testing wire transfer services. The money is frequently sent to another country.

4. The work requires repackaging and reshipping products, often out of the country.

5. E-mails contain poor grammar and misspellings.

6. A job offer is extended almost immediately, with little or no interview process.

7. The company requires an upfront payment or monthly membership fee to learn more about how the company or "program" works.

8. The company asks for personal information like Social Security, bank account or credit card numbers.

9. The pay is described as "residual income" or is generated by recruiting other people.

10. There are limited ways to contact representatives from the company, such as no telephone number, and it uses a free e-mail address, like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, rather than having a company domain name.

11. Job seekers are told they must respond very quickly to the company's e-mails or offers.

11. The company is named in complaints to the Better Business Bureau or on consumer Web sites like www.ripoffreport.com and www.consumeraffairs.com.

12. The Web site advertising the job includes "comments" from participants who claim they earned big money, but offers no way to post additional comments.

Find out more about job scams by visiting these Web sites:

  • www.ftc.gov
  • www.lookstoogoodtobetrue.com
  • www.ic3.gov
  • wwww.bbb.org

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