101 Awesome (and Handy) Web Sites


The Web site of the British newspaper The Telegraph has put together a list of 101 useful Web sites. Now understandably many of these entries cater to a British audience, but a majority of the sites are helpful no matter where you live.

Some of them you’ll have heard of (Google, IMDB and Wikipedia, among others) but there are plenty of sites that may be new to you. Here are a few MainStreet-oriented sites that we liked, but you can read the entire list here.

Zoho. This site offers a ton of free online business programs. They have their own version of Google docs and spreadsheets, but they’ve also got invoicing, planning and marketplace solutions too.

DaFont. Tired of Times New Roman and Arial? DaFont offers more than 7,500 fonts for Macs and PCs that are free to download.

NationMaster. Ever wonder about life expectancy rate in Lichtenstein? We do. All the time. Well, NationMaster has organized stats from just about every country on the planet, and they cover just about everything.

PubMed. Has your doctor ever prescribed something that’s left you wondering, “What the hell am I ingesting?” The National Institutes of Health have indexed more than 17 million medical research papers that, if you can stomach the jargon, will leave you much better informed.

I Love Jeans. For you ladies who have wasted time and money on jeans that don’t quite work for you, this site matches the right brand to your specific body type.

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