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This week the Social Security Assessment (SSA) unveiled a new online calculator to help folks figure out their future potential Social Security benefits.

The new tool will be followed this fall by an online benefits application form which reportedly will reduce the application time by a third, and eliminate the need to follow-up with a face-to-face field office meetings.

Here's where to find SSA's new tool, and nine other of MainStreet's favorites:

Social Security Calculator

The Social Security Assessment (SSA) provides insight into your potential retirement earnings. Enter annual earnings, age and benefit eligibility (for example, you may be entitled to significant earnings over a number of years if you have a disability or have survived a spouse’s death) to see your estimated monthly benefits.

BMI Calculator

Anyone above the age of two can find out his or her Body Mass Index here. Insert your date of birth, height, and weight and press calculate. It’s that easy. Identical rules apply for adults, children and teenagers. To get the most precise answers, give your height to the nearest 1/8 of an inch, and weight to the nearest ¼ pound.

College Admission Predictor
College-admission-essay.com sizes up your chances for getting into various colleges. Not all colleges are included, and some questions like, “From 1 to 10, how highly do you think your teachers will recommend you on their teacher evaluation forms?” are highly subjective. Other questions such as “What are your SAT scores?” may stand as more precise predictors.

Credit Card Debt
Trying to eliminate credit card debt? TheStreet.com’s How Long Will It Take to Pay off My Credit Card? is for you. Type in your current balance, monthly payment, and interest rate, and the calculator will do the rest. (It can also offer a payment schedule.)

How Tall Will Your Kids Grow Predictor
Ever wonder how tall junior will be? On WebMD’s Kid’s Height Predictor, punch in your child’s age, gender, weight and current height, along with the heights of both biological parents. For example, according to the website, a 13-year-old boy who weighs 115 lbs, and currently stands at 5’5, and whose mother is 5’8, father is 5’10, will likely be 6’1 as an adult.

Life Expectancy Calculator

The life expectancy calculator takes a look at personal and lifestyle factors, including marital status, smoking habits, diet and medical history, and then estimates your lifespan. Check out the Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator, to size up your chances.

Love Calculator

Stop fretting over the details of your relationship! And while you’re at it, stop asking yourself if your partner is right for you. Just ask the love calculator. Go to love-calculator.org, input your name and your partner’s, and leave the rest to the internet. The website, which admits its results need not be taken seriously, will calculate your compatibility and give the bottom line: Whether or not the relationship is worth it. If you’re unhappy with the outcome, try inserting birthdays or zodiac signs for a potentially different result. It’s cheaper than couples counseling! Or at least more entertaining.

Home Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Sure, you might be able to make the down payment, but the expenses of homeownership don’t end there. Compare factors like home price versus monthly rent, and homeowner’s insurance versus renter’s insurance on TheStreet.com’s Rent vs. Buy Calculator. Calculating your options will help you remember the downsides of both, like the average monthly maintenance for the purchased home, and estimated price increases for renters.

Which Way for My IRA?
Wondering what the best way is to save for retirement? Make the decision with the help of TheStreet.com’s: Which is Better for me, a Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA?. You'll need to enter your current traditional IRA amount and tax bracket, as well as anticipated yearly savings and your projected retirement tax bracket to compare total savings.

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Looking to save a million dollars? Doesn’t sound too shabby, and the good news is it can be done. The not-so-good news? It takes time, and diligent saving. The information you'll need includes your starting balance, rate of return, income tax rate and how much time you’re devoting to saving. TheStreet.com’s How Can I Save a Million Dollars? calculator will crunch the numbers and reveal how much you need to save, either monthly or yearly, in order to hit the million dollar mark in your specified timeframe.

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