10 Luxury Gifts Dad Can’t Live Without


Forget neckties and barbecue tongs. Today’s dads want to be pampered on Father’s Day. We came up with 10 luxury items the dad in your life will thank you for throughout the year:

1. Keeping time: Fathers used to be able to look forward to retirement in style by being sent off with a classy pocket watch. While that’s a thing of the past, pocket watches are still in vogue. Consider this stainless steel pocket watch with gold accents and engraving selling for $185. Wristwatches also never go out of style, and the Philip Stein Active Extreme timepiece not only is cool-looking, but the company claims it works with the body’s energy field to help reduce stress. $700

2. Singin’ in the rain: Ombrelli umbrellas, handcrafted in Italy, have shafts carved from a single piece of solid chestnut wood. Since each has unique wood grain, every piece is one of a kind. Canopies are made from luxuriously woven fabric selected for texture, fiber strength and design. $200

3. High-tech shave: For dads who can’t leave the house without a close shave, the micro-pulsating Power Razor helps ensure that his blade is sharp. This set from Gillette comes with a Power Brush that helps lift the beard and comes with its own modern, sleek stand. $385

4. Smell-good feelin’: Everyone likes a man who smells good, and Clive Christian Perfume for men has three scents for the sporty, classic or romantic. $190 to $865

5. Sports collectors: What dad who isn’t a baseball fan could resist a 1961 New York Yankees baseball signed by greats Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford? Brigandi Coins & Collectibles has been selling authenticated items for 52 years. This baseball is listed for $1,395

6. Action!: The ACT9K action camera is an ideal gift for adrenaline-craving dads who surf, mountain bike, bungee jump, skate, snorkel, ski or even hang-glide. Shock resistant and waterproof up to 65 feet, the easy-to-use HD camera allows you to capture all of the action with video and stills regardless of the terrain. $349.99

7. For the chef: Chefs on cooking shows own GelPro mats, and for good reason: cooks' feet and legs can begin to ache while preparing those gourmet meals. For the man who likes to be the chef, gel mats mean comfort while standing on hard kitchen floors. GelPros come in a variety of colors and prices, from $100 to $340. If it’s a good set of knives dad needs for his work in the kitchen, Bob Kramer by Zwilling uses straight 52100 carbon steel, which bears harder, thinner and sharper blades, sharpens with 25% of the effort of stainless steel and takes a keener edge. From $349.99 for an 8-inch chef’s knife

8. Playing games: If dad is a gamer and likes to take his games wherever he goes, PlayStation’s handheld gaming device, the PS Vita, would be the perfect gift. Vita’s Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity lets players stay connected to their friends and other PS Vita owners anytime, anywhere. Home theaters and gaming systems also work seamlessly with the handheld through cross-play technology. $299.99

9. The future’s so bright: Your dad should be wearing classy shades. If you’re planning some fun in the sun this summer, high-end sunglasses is a must have accessory. Moscot’s Sun collection offers a wide variety of stylish frames. From $295

10. Fore!: You didn’t think we would present a gift guide and not include something for the golfer, did you? Golden Tee, the coin-operated video game, now comes in a high-def home edition. The fully equipped game comes with 35 courses to master for when dad isn’t out playing the real thing. $3,295

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