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Freshly sharpened pencils … Crisp, lined paper … Clean, new notebooks …

As work begins to pick up after the long summer lull, channel the back-to-school spirit with cute new organizers and decorations for your workspace.

We started our 10 Things to Do With 10 Bucks series because there’s nothing better than finding a spare Hamilton at the end of the month. After carefully budgeting all month, we’re OK with buying a little something fun as a treat and encouragement — so we bring you our favorite finds for $10.

In this installment, we’ve found the perfect items to inject a dose of personality into your office. From a live “money tree” to a seven-year pen, these finds will set you up for your best “year” yet.

Read on to check out our fun office finds.


Patterned Pencil Holder

Keep your writing utensils from rolling around your desk with these cute, patterned pencil cups. Get an extra cup for home to organize your makeup brushes, mascara and eyeliner.

Susy Jack Pencil Cups, See Jane Work, $10


Slice Your To-Dos In Half

These quirky notepads will stick out from boring yellow Post-Its and legal pads. Write everything down on these cute pear and apple pads to help you remember the seeds of great ideas.

Pear and Apple Note Pads, Sorting With Style, $5 each

(Stay on top of your August Financial To-Dos: Click here.)


Seven-Year Pen

Crazy, but true: Americans throw out over 16 billion pens each year. But these fun, high-quality pens will last you seven years, so you won't have to be wasteful. We like the "Need Coffee" pen (complete with skull and crossbones)—not that we ever show up anything less than fresh to the office.

Seven-Year Pen, See Jane Work, $8

Photo Cord

Hanging photos from a photo card will let you brighten up your workspace without adding clutter to your desk in the form of picture frames. These magnetic green cords can hang up to eight photos, cards or memos.

Green Cable Photo Cord,
CB2, $6.95


Japanese Masking Tape

Japanese washi tape is great for hanging photos, notes and to-dos over your desk. It's easy-to-tear, removable and reusable, which makes it simple to keep switching up. These sets come with three differently patterned tapes in the same color family, so you can stay coordinated.

Japanese Masking Tape, Design Within Reach, $4

Geometric File Folder

Keep documents squared away with this geometric-style file folder. Eight folders and twenty adhesive labels will help you get and stay organized this fall.

Modern Geometry File Folder, Galison, $8.50


Gold Paper Clips

A taste for gold usually doesn't come cheap: Lucky for us, paper clips are an exception. These gold paper clips make our everyday documents feel a little more extraordinary.

Jumbo Gold Paper Clips 100/pack, Staples, $5



A Money Tree

Maybe money does grow on trees.

Send a little luck your way with a mini, braided tree for your desk.  The Chinese art of feng shui teaches that placing these trees (botanical name Pachira) in a business or office will bring the owner good fortune.

Braided Money Tree,
Amazon, $10


A Monogrammed Mousepad

Once upon a time, people used to stamp envelopes shut with monogrammed wax seals. Well, times change. Though you can't stamp your initials on your emails, you can have a more personalized experience at your computer by using a monogrammed mousepad.

Monogrammed Mousepad, Etsy, $7.50


Colorful Letter Boxes

Organize business cards, stationery and office supplies with these colorful letter boxes. Dedicate one box to receipts or business expenses so you can keep track of your spending at the office.

(While you're at it, sync your accounts in LearnVest's My Money Center to manage your budgets at work and at home.)

Basic Letter Box, See Jane Work, $10






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