10 Companies That Love College Grads


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — We have reported before that the job market has improved for this year’s college grads, but who exactly is hiring them?

CollegeGrads.com, a website that focuses on helping new college graduates find jobs and internships, recently surveyed companies of varying sizes to find out how many entry-level positions they hoped to fill during the course of 2011.

The survey results confirmed that the number of entry-level positions is on the rise, increasing by 22% in 2011. Additionally, it found the industries doing the most entry-level hiring in 2011 were care rental companies, education orgnaizations, general merchandisers, transportation & logistics companies and financial services groups. In general, companies were taking on a large number of business administration (14.7%), engineering (13.0%), marketing (11%), management (8.7%) and information systems majors (7.8%). 

Ninety-three companies participated in the annual survey, which included questions about their hiring practices and projected hiring numbers for this year. Job for job, the top 10 companies hiring the most entry-level candidates include the companies listed below (the number of positions they hope to fill are in parentheses):

  1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car (8,500)
  2. Teach for America (4,925)
  3. Verizon Wireless (4,250)
  4. Hertz Automotive Rental (4,000)
  5. PricewaterhouseCoopers  (3,938)
  6. KPMG LLP, a firm that provides tax, audit and financial advisory services (2,300)
  7. Target  (2,200)
  8. Ernst & Young (2,000)
  9. City Year, a company that tutors and mentors children in the U.S., South Africa and London (1,700)
  10. Aerotek, a recruiting and staffing firm (900)

You can find a complete list and rankings of the companies in the survey on CollegeGrads.com.

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