10 Careers With Real Job Security


Call me a hippie, a new-age weirdo, a The Secret fan (actually, don’t call me that), but I believe that when you’re looking for a job, it pays to have a positive outlook. Yes, you will get a job! A good one! That pays you money and doesn’t tempt you to jump out of a 15th floor window!

Most stories about the job market are bleak. But there are golden nuggets of hope out there, which MainStreet is committed to finding. For example, there are jobs that employers are actually struggling to fill.

Last week, Manpower (Stock Quote: MAN), a rather large staffing firm that claims it made $22 billion in worldwide revenue last year, released its annual survey of the 10 hardest jobs to fill. After surveying 2,000 U.S. employers, they came up with this list:

1. Engineers
2. Nurses
3. Skilled/Manual Tradesmen
4. Teachers
5. Sales Representatives
6. Technicians
7. Drivers
8. IT Staff
9. Laborers
10. Machinist/Machine Operators

Now, most of these careers require specific skills and training. So if you’re, say, an out of work investment banker, you’re not going to walk in and get a nursing or engineering position. But all 10 of these jobs have appeared at least once before on Manpower’s survey, which it’s been conducting for four years.

And that, my friends, means these jobs are consistently in high demand. If going back to school or becoming an apprentice could guarantee job security, it’s worth it, no?


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