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Startups and founders have shaped America's economic landscape for the better. We're committed to helping all 30 million+ businesses in the US get back what they're owed so they can keep pushing us forward.

This isn't our first rodeo. We're proud to have helped build...



Co-Founder & CEO
I grew up in Modesto, an agricultural town in Central California. Despite Modesto city’s proximity to Silicon Valley, the city is almost entirely cut off from the technology industry, the economic engine of the 21st century. I helped start MainStreet in part to help bring back good jobs, and upward mobility to the people living in my hometown.


Co-Founder & CPO
Seeing the economic changes in American society and their effects on the evolution of both rural and urban environments really impacted me. Living in the Bay Area, watching it become unlivable & expensive while smaller Rust Belt cities were hollowed out, made me want to do something to reverse these trends. I started MainStreet with Doug and Daniel to try to reinvigorate smaller cities by connecting them to the 21st century economy.


Co-Founder & CTO
Not everybody should have to uproot their lives to San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles for the privilege of having a job. I joined Dan and Doug to start MainStreet because it shouldn’t be impossible for engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs to build their lives where they want.


Sr. Software Engineer
I started my career with a political science background working on community development issues, from teaching in the Ecuadorian rainforest to interning for a US Senator. From there I jumped into tech, learning Python and cofounding startups in ed tech and sustainability. At MainStreet, I get to put all my experience into one role — it's magical.


Software Engineer
This product is a no-brainer for every founder. I first used MainStreet as a customer – the idea that a company can sign up in minutes, get automatically qualified against thousands of credits, and get tens of thousands of dollars wired to their account instantly is electric. We’re building a product that’s going to help small businesses for decades to come.


I joined MainStreet because I was drawn to the team's vision of creating positive economic impact for small businesses across the nation. It's an amazing feeling to come into work each day with a team who is energized by seeing the small guys win.


My first day at MainStreet, I onboarded a startup & helped them save $45K in literally 15 minutes. When I saw the look of joy on their face, I knew that MainStreet would be a place where I could actually help make a positive impact on tens of thousands of hard-working entrepreneurs' lives.


Public Affairs
I believe in MainStreet’s vision to extend the success of Silicon Valley to startups, communities, and workers all over the country (and soon, the world). I’ve worked with Doug first-hand before – I joined because I’m confident in his ability to lead the team into incredible success.


Sr. Software Engineer
I was excited to help design the early stages of the technical stack and engineering culture at MainStreet and support our 1000's of startups and SMBs across the country. Doug's expertise and passion is contagious – I knew joining MainStreet was the right decision to work on real problems for real people.


Sales Ops Manager
LinkedIn taught me two very important lessons — relationships matter and to find a mission driven company you believe in. I’m invested in our mission and working alongside people I respect. This energizes me to constantly be a better version of myself, for the company, and for our customers. MainStreet was founded with a simple underlying question — “How do you create jobs and opportunity in suburban and rural America”? The task at hand, is to now execute and realize the vision we’ve laid out.


Account Executive
The MainStreet team are some of the best people I’ve ever met. This product is a win-win for founders and for governments – navigating and claiming tax credits and incentives shouldn’t be as hard as it is today. MainStreet makes it easy.


Account Executive
I love the challenge of working at an early-stage startup. Chris, Reid, Jake – the people I work with every day feel closer to teammates than they are coworkers – after meeting the MainStreet team during the interview process, I knew I’d learn more from the people than anywhere else.


Head of Marketing
Between Product Hunt and Shrug Capital, I've looked at thousands of startups – MainStreet was the first that really is a no-brainer for everybody. Companies get cash, and governments can incentivize the exact types of behavior they've been trying to for years. I'm just lucky I get to help tell this story to the rest of the world.


Product Manager
I loved my time at Google helping small business owners navigate the challenges of getting their businesses online so they can grow. I’m deeply inspired by MainStreet’s mission to drive economic opportunities for small businesses at scale. The energy and momentum of MainStreet right now is infectious - I knew I had to jump on board now to avoid missing out on this incredible opportunity to shape a fast growing company.


Head of Design
At Gusto, I saw first-hand how difficult it is to run a small business in the US. I joined MainStreet to continue to help small business owners and their employees navigate a challenging system. Government credits and incentives shouldn’t be complicated to understand — this is a great opportunity for our design team to bring beautiful, delightful experiences to our customers and make their lives a bit easier.


Sr. Software Engineer
Two things attracted me to MainStreet: the mission, and the people. The work I do every day directly leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars back into the pockets of founders – everybody's love for the product shines through in the final product and customer experience. It's fun to be proud of what we are creating.


Account Executive
I've experienced firsthand how difficult it is to build and operate SMBs & startups - I joined Mainstreet because navigating tax credits that you are owed should not add another layer of complexity that operators & founders have to deal with.


Business Analyst
I joined MainStreet to help startups and their communities grow together. My first internship during Brown was at a local newspaper in LaGrange – a small post-industrial city in Missouri. There, I recognized that thriving in a high-tech, global economy is difficult in the best of times – I’m here at MainStreet to help entrepreneurs and founders create meaningful work without leaving the communities they know and love.


VP of Sales
Small businesses provide the best opportunities for people to find meaning and dignity in their work. The best tools and technologies are typically reserved for the biggest corporations – MainStreet exists to help empower every small business with the resources they’re owed. I joined to be a part of that mission, and to solve the interesting & complex problems we’ll face along the way.


People Operations Manager
I joined MainStreet after staying home with my babies for a couple of years. I wanted to get back into the HR world and I felt MainStreet was a great fit because of the culture. It is really amazing to work for a company whose vision I can really get behind and be excited about.


Head of Partnerships
As an early investor in MainStreet, I assumed my involvement would be high-level – I was happily mistaken. After working with the team, it became clear MainStreet was where I wanted to dedicate my time and energy. Startups often face financial insecurity. Knowing we make the founder journey easier – by providing them non-dilutive capital – is a daily highlight that never grows old.


Director of Customer Success
Whether it’s working towards financial inclusion in Africa or improving operations in rural American manufacturing, I’ve always found purpose in supporting mobility for small businesses. At MainStreet we’re making sure founders and small businesses owners are at the core of what we do and I’m so excited to be a part of the team!


Software Engineer
The admirable, altruistic mission is ultimately what compelled me to join MainStreet. Developing a product that provides much needed financial aid to small businesses is incredibly motivating, and what fortune to get to do it alongside such a driven and delightful team!


Chief of Staff
I am incredibly passionate about social and economic mobility, which is why I studied education during my time at Stanford. I spent 2.5 years working in education and economic development at McKinsey & Co which taught me invaluable lessons about business and collaboration – I met the MainStreet team and quickly realized that the organization was everything I had been looking for: a group of phenomenal, smart, kind people working to promote opportunities for social and economic mobility for all.


Staff Engineer
The largest employment sector in the US is made up of small businesses. Before MainStreet, I was at Zagster, helping small cities & SMBs launch their own bike rental fleets – I joined MainStreet to make sure founders, cities, companies, and teams aren't left behind.


Customer Success Manager
My family ran a small business where I worked while growing up - I understand the kind of value a service like MainStreet can provide. After taking some time to figure out what I wanted to do, I'm excited to join a talented team of caring people working on an important mission.


VP of Engineering
In my next role, I knew that I wanted to focus on a mission that left a positive, lasting impact on the world. I grew up in a household whose primary source of income was our own small business – it was clear that MainStreet's mission was 100% the right fit for me. Early in my conversations with the MainStreet team, it became clear that not only is this a compelling and altruistic mission; this is a stellar team focused on building a durable business the right way from the beginning.


Chief Capital Officer
I dedicated my last 8 years to helping enable financial inclusion to credit-invisible families living paycheck-to-paycheck, completely outside the safety net afforded to our most privileged. Now alongside an incredibly talented team and using cutting-edge technology at MainStreet, we are out to help small businesses make the best of the billions of dollars in benefits already available to them.


Account Executive
I love that MainStreet helps the US private and public sectors work better together. Both often want the same things – economic prosperity, reduced inequality, full employment – but they aren't great at collaborating. MainStreet brings the two halves of the economy together, better enabling individuals, their communities, and the country as a whole to thrive.


Account Executive
I love empowering entrepreneurs - be it real estate agents at Compass or restaurant owners at CloudKitchens. At MainStreet, we're helping the millions of founders and small businesses who interact with the US tax code because they should have access too.


Account Executive
I joined MainStreet to help small business thrive in a landscape that wasn’t built for their success. I want to break down those barriers to success that exist for them. Being a part of MainStreet’s egalitarian vision to provide that equal opportunity inspires me everyday.


Account Executive
I came to Mainstreet for the team. We have such a diverse team from various backgrounds but the one thing that everyone has a lot of is passion. Each team member believes so strongly in our solution because we have seen it help hundreds of small businesses save time and money. I get excited every morning for work because I know that we will help small businesses grow and have a positive impact on our economy.


Business Development Lead
I came to MainStreet because as a prior founder, and a founder-first Investor I genuinely believed they were empowering Founders to spend more time doing what they set out to do..daring to solve problems and create the innovations that will shape the way we all live life.


Sr. FrontEnd Engineer
Creating an incredible product alongside an incredible team with a purpose in helping small businesses, that was all I needed to make the decision to join MainStreet. Within the first week, you can feel the passion and energy across the team – it's incredible to experience and see how quickly we're growing!


Software Engineer
MainStreet enables our government to work better for its people, and when government improves, everyone wins. Working at MainStreet lets me play a key role in empowering people with the resources they need to build a business, which will in turn help raise up individuals, families, and communities.


VP of Operations
Coming from a family of small business owners, I’m deeply familiar with the joys and struggles of running an SMB - and I crave to help! Over the past 5+ years, I’ve built and scaled SMB specific products at Google, learning what it takes to not only help my immediate family, but millions of SMBs across the globe. I truly believe MainStreet’s product offering has the potential to greatly impact SMBs in the US, and I’m excited to leverage my expertise to make this happen.


Staff Engineer
After the last half decade at large tech companies, I knew it was time for the energy and drive of a startup again. When a former coworker reached out to me about Mainstreet, right in the middle of a time I was already interviewing, I was very intrigued. As I heard more and more about what Mainstreet is doing, I knew I had to take the opportunity.
David Meyer


DevOps Engineer
Every venture has a core purpose — to provide value. I joined MainStreet because of their grand vision which is to provide value to thousands of businesses without delay. It is with this process that I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to efficiently help spread the most good for thousands of entrepreneurs and improve their chances of success in one fell swoop.
Ara Howard


Staff Engineer
Before I came to MainStreet, I ran a software agency for a decade. During that time I was able to work with literally hundreds of small companies, mentored dozens of others, and, most importantly, learned about running my own. And just how difficult it can be. Writing software has always been my way to contribute to the world, so I jumped at the opportunity to help an amazing team of people help all those same businesses stay healthy and strong.
Michael Washington


Sr. Software Engineer
Before MainStreet, I was a founder – having an healthy environment and awesome team is an essential part of wanting to come to work everyday (and how can I forget a no-brainer product!). Working at MainStreet allows me to tap into that and flex the same muscles as running a startup.
Tyler O'Briant


Software Engineer
I grew up in a rural town in Kansas in a family of small business owners. The lived experiences of how difficult running a business can be is what brought me here to MainStreet. The opportunity to help build a platform that levels the playing field for entrepreneurs across the country could not be passed up.


Sales Development Lead
Small businesses are the backbone of our country and our economy. In my previous role at LinkedIn, I was driven by the mission of creating economic opportunity for the global workforce and at MainStreet I get to focus on doing so for millions of small businesses across the US. That, and I get to work alongside some of the most fun, passionate, intelligent, and thoughtful teammates in the game :)
Brittany Hardison


Customer Success Manager
I love helping businesses grow! With previous experience in business banking with SMBs at Azlo, MainStreet's mission to empower growing businesses through real results resonates with me and is the driving force behind joining the team.
Sean Smith


Sr. Software Engineer
Growing up a first generation Irish American, with many of my extended family members being small business owners, I’ve always had a strong appreciation and respect for small businesses. After spending the last 7 years at Twitter, working on the Developer API platform and helping enable a rich ecosystem of SMBs to Enterprise, I’m humbled to join the MainStreet team and help more directly empower SMBs to grow and thrive everywhere.
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Company culture requires commitment. We work every day to live up to what we value most.

We won’t stop until we've helped every small business. We come to work because we believe that we can fundamentally reshape America's economic landscape. We pursue big bets in service of our customers, and when we hit headwinds we find a path forward.

We’re a backyard BBQ kind of company. Whether on Zoom or literally in each other’s backyards, joining MainStreet feels like joining a gathering of old friends. We’re committed to making sure the diversity of our customers is reflected in the team that serves them.

We are each responsible for the team's success. Integrity, respect, and trust form the bottom line - we know that we can't succeed if we don't do what is right every. single. time. We’re humble as individuals so that we can accomplish great things together.

We trust you to do you. We work hard, but not at the expense of everything else in life. We’re each trusted to do what’s best for us, our team, and for MainStreet. We prioritize relentlessly and support each other’s boundaries so we can all do our best work sustainably.

We move as fast as our customers do. We set "impossible" goals, test new ideas, and support our people to take smart risks. We deliver results quickly, inviting feedback, and continuously iterating to co-create the best version of everything we build.