Survey: 60 Percent of Homeowners Will Make a Home Improvement This Summer

1:41 pm, June 26, 2013

According to the Zillow Digs Summer Home Improvement Trend and Spending Survey, 60 percent of homeowners plan to make a home improvement or addition this summer.


Why More People Are Performing DIY Home Renovations

6:00 am, May 28, 2013

70% of current renovation projects are DIY and/or involve help from family or friends. Is it the economy?


11 Tools Everyone Should Have At Home

8:00 am, April 03, 2013

Doing it yourself – important if you want to save money, have fun, or be self-sufficient. Step one? The right tools.


Spring Cleaning for Your Finances

7:00 am, March 19, 2013

Spring cleaning isn't just for organization and a fresh start; it can also help you with your finances.

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Spend Your Tax Refund On Your Home

6:00 am, February 19, 2013

Instead of a fleeting ski weekend, consider investing at least a portion of your tax refund in your home.

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5 Home 'Upgrades' That Can Be Disasters When You Sell

6:00 am, February 14, 2013

On these you should get two estimates: One to put in the improvement, the other to take it out.

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How to Get Started Buildng the Home You Really Want

6:00 am, February 05, 2013

Break out of the status quo by looking in places you don’t expect to find ideas, and you’ll soon find your imagination revved up.


6 Steps to Feeling Safer in Your Apartment

7:00 am, November 01, 2012

Apartment security is easily overlooked by new renters, whose security and even lives may depend on it.


10 DIY Projects For Your Kitchen

9:00 am, October 27, 2012

Kitchen renovation projects tend to have a way to break the bank, or at least cost more expected. But not these.


House From 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Was Kind of Nightmarish Itself

7:00 am, October 25, 2012

Neglected by the previous owners, the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' house was falling apart when Angle Hill bought it in 2006.

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