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Here Are 5 Cities Happier Without the NFL

8:30 am, August 15, 2014

When the NBA, Major League Soccer and the English Premier League already call your city home, why spend hundreds of millions on the National Football League?


5 Cities Where Your Car Is Safest From Thieves

8:15 am, August 14, 2014

Thieves steal 2,000 cars every day, but there are communities where you can park your vehicle and likely find it still there when you return.

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Should You Buy Or Rent? Here Are 4 Things to Consider

4:56 pm, August 08, 2014

If you're a renter, you've probably heard you're throwing away money each month. Homeownership has been sold as the American dream, and in some cases it's a great ...

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Why Your Home Equity Line of Credit Could Be a Ticking Time Bomb

9:24 am, August 08, 2014

Half of all HELOCs were originated in 2005-2007, and for many, an important deadline is approaching.

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5 Once-Hot Features Just Wasting Space in a New Home

8:15 am, August 08, 2014

The items that have fallen out of fashion are generally expensive amenities few consumers are willing to pay for in today's post-bust housing market.


5 Cities Where You Are Most Likely to Get Your Car Stolen

8:15 am, August 07, 2014

California cities packed with cars and people far and away lead this list, especially in areas hard hit in recent years by foreclosures and high unemployment.

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Millennials Are Delaying Home Purchases: What Lasting Economic Effects Will This Have?

8:07 am, August 07, 2014

Millennials have been starting families and buying homes later than their predecessors, thanks to the Great Recession and its ripple effects. Many experts have assumed ...

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Luxury Homes Flourish Despite Drop in Home Sales and Rise in Mortgage Closing Costs

9:02 am, August 06, 2014

Tim Lincecum, starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, has thrown two no-hitters in the past 12 months and even earned his first career save. Now the 30-year-old ...

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The Most Corrupt States in America

7:55 am, August 06, 2014

If you think your state is crooked, see how it stacks up against the rest in the Union.

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Mortgage Closing Costs Up 6% Driven by New Regulations

11:13 am, August 05, 2014

New mortgage regulations have driven closing costs to go up over the past year.

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