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Mortgage Lenders Have A Major Racket

8:23 am, August 28, 2014

They pay virtually nothing to borrow from savings and checking depositors, then lend at 4% or 5%.

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4 Things to Avoid Before Closing on a House

7:30 am, August 27, 2014

Missing credit card payments can set off red flags, but even changing jobs or buying furniture can kill your home loan at the last minute.

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Home Price Growth Softens, S&P Case-Shiller Reveals

1:38 pm, August 26, 2014

Home price gains dropped again, signaling a return to normalcy in the real estate market.

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How Just Choosing a Home State Can Make You Poorer

11:00 am, August 26, 2014

Never mind inflation. Buying power varying by state means you could be up to 15% poorer than your income suggests.


Zoning For Pot Favors Low-Income Neighborhoods

8:44 am, August 26, 2014

In low income and racially diverse areas of Denver, 46% of the land is available for marijuana dispensaries compared to 29%in wealthier areas, according to a new ...

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Here's How to Win Your Dream House Bidding War Without Spending More

8:15 am, August 26, 2014

You don't always have to offer more money than the other guy to win a bidding war. Sometimes the personal touch helps, or cold, hard cash.

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The Housing Market Is Returning to Normal

8:15 am, August 25, 2014

Distressed" sales have dropped to the lowest level since December 2007.

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Don't Count on Buying a Foreclosure Cheap

8:15 am, August 22, 2014

Many Americans assume that homes facing foreclosure sell for deep discounts, but a detailed analysis of some 4 million recent sales hold some surprises.


Rental Repairs: Avoid these Awkward Situations with Your Landlord

11:50 am, August 21, 2014

The #1 reason to call maintenance usually has to do with #2.

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Housing Market Forecasts: Here's What the Experts Say

9:21 am, August 20, 2014

Economists and housing experts are predicting a lackluster real estate market over the next several years, a new survey says.

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