Don't Be Late Filing Your Taxes

7:31 am, April 15, 2014

Today is the deadline for filing your 2013 federal and state income tax returns. The envelopes must be postmarked by midnight tonight!


The Obamas Paid a 20% Effective Tax Rate -- Yours Is Probably Higher

10:58 am, April 14, 2014

The average U.S. taxpayer has seen his tax burden rise to over 31% of income. Check out the Obamas' whopping tax refund figure.


Taxes for the Self-Employed

9:16 am, April 14, 2014

Taxes are due on Tuesday just in case anyone had somehow forgotten. But for the self-employed, taxes a be a whole lot more complicated.


Be Sure to Make Your IRA Contribution on Time

7:47 am, April 14, 2014

It is important when depositing money to your IRA that you identify the tax year for which the contribution is being made – on the check and on any accompanying ...


Fund Your IRA, Not the IRS

7:35 am, April 14, 2014

It happens to the best of us: April 15 creeps up for months and then sprints to the finish, leaving so little time for last-minute moves such as funding an IRA. Happily, ...


Before You Send In Your Tax Return, Do This

8:39 am, April 11, 2014

Even if your return was completed by a paid preparer, you are legally responsible for all the information reported on the return. To avoid problems, heed the following ...


Claim the Child Care Credit on Summer Day Camp Costs

5:15 pm, April 10, 2014

If both you and your spouse work, or if you are a working single parent, the cost of day care or after-school for your dependent child under age 13 care may eligible ...


IRS Scams To Watch Out For

1:59 pm, April 10, 2014

Owing money to Uncle Sam this year is problematic enough, but there are countless online scammers who claim they are with the IRS and are waiting to seize the opportunity ...


More Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

9:00 am, April 10, 2014

After paying down debt and investing in retirement funds, it's okay to make a smart purchase for your own long-term benefit.


Tips for Investing Your Tax Refund

4:54 pm, April 09, 2014

Investing your tax refund this year will help you get a head start on your savings for the year, investment experts said.

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