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Sallie Mae Earnings Miss; Navient Continues On Track

7:31 am, April 17, 2014

The SLM Corporation—Sallie Mae—reported first quarter 2014 financial results that featured 8% year-over-year growth in private education loans while core ...

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Save on Some of Your Baby's $312,000 in College Debt

3:25 pm, April 16, 2014

If you're having a kid now, you can look forward to spending $312,200 for a four-year undergraduate degree in 18 years.

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Student Loans Lead Consumer Debt -- Surprise!

9:24 am, April 16, 2014

Economist says student debt is deleterious to productivity.

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Student Loan Re-fi Bill? Wait Till Next (Fiscal) Year, At Least

11:03 am, April 15, 2014

Dueling budgets released this month by Congressional Democrats and Republicans were dead on arrival in the House and Senate respectively, but they will influence ...

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Crowdfunding Student Loans -- To a Bigger Crowd

12:09 pm, April 11, 2014

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) and Representative Tom Petri (R-Wisconsin) introduced a bill on Wednesday that would create a legal framework for "income share agreements" ...

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College Costs Depressing You? You Have Options

3:58 pm, April 08, 2014

At a time when students are deciding which college to attend, many are forced to face the financial reality of their educational goals.

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Senate, House Attempt to Consolidate For-Profit College Oversight

9:58 am, April 07, 2014

In an effort to consolidate oversight of the for-profit college industry, The Proprietary Education Oversight Coordination Improvement Act was introduced last week ...

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Online Journalism School Biz Certificate: Is There a Student Loan for That?

8:47 am, April 04, 2014

Arizona State University rolled out an online grad school certificate in business journalism last month, offered by the Donald W. Reynolds School of Business Journalism, ...

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Grad School Student Debt Spikes: New America Foundation Student Loan Study

9:11 am, April 02, 2014

Lurking beyond the trade school space and undergraduate student loan debt is a similar problem: the debt racked up by students in graduate school.

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Do Student Loans Close The Wealth Gap or Make it Bigger?

9:50 am, March 31, 2014

First there was the concern that you'd never pay off your student loan or, if you did, it would take decades. It has become the not-so-new normal. But there's another ...

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