The Worst Spam E-mails Ever

You've Got Spam

We’re not talking about excessive e-mails parents send when they first discover the Internet. That’s a different kind of nuisance. True spam comes from strangers who often masquerade as companies or people with whom you may be fammiliar. Some prod you for money, others lure you to malicious web sites, and all rob you of time, bandwidth and a little bit of sanity. And the torrent of messages just keeps coming. According to a report by, a non-profit that tracks the world’s spam, the United States is by far the world’s biggest spam haven. So if you’re looking for someone to blame, you could start with Gary Thuerk, who was the first person to ever send a spam e-mail, back in 1978. But to be fair, he made no effort to mask his identity when sending that message and he was actually just advertising a tech presentation taking place. Pretty tame by today’s standards. Here are 16 of the worst (or strangest) spam messages we could find. Photo Credit: freezelight