The Worst Jobs of 2011

This Year's Worst Jobs

Next time you feel like complaining about your job, just be thankful you don’t work one of the jobs on this list. CareerCast, a job search engine and research tool, recently surveyed and ranked 200 different professions to find the best and worst jobs of 2011. These rankings are based on five criteria, including the quality of the work environment, average income and stress, as well as the physical demands of the position and the career’s overall outlook, as determined by government data. Each of these factors was then weighed and averaged to give the position an overall score, which determined its rank. The higher the score, the worse the job. By and large, the positions that ranked among the best overall were those that relied on computer skills or involved a heavy degree of number crunching. On the other hand, the jobs that ended up being the worst overall were those that required a greater amount of manual labor, and generally required less specialized skills. Photo Credit: John Picken