What to Take to Your Tax Preparer

Prepare Your Preparer

Taxes are a tricky and complex business for most Americans. Whenever you buy something big or send someone to college, it seems like there’s a new form, a new receipt or a new statement to consider. Plus, there is the fear of being audited to add to the stress. Jennifer Rempe, senior tax analyst for the Tax Institue, the research arm of H&R Block, says that while about 1% of all tax returns are audited, most of them are “correspondence audits” in which the IRS sends a letter asking for clarification of a certain piece of data. Such audits are almost always easy to resolve with the proper paperwork and having your documents in order can have other benefits too.  You will lower your tax burden through maximum deductions, get your refund faster and save on the time needed to prepare your return. Plus, you will already have all of your documents ready to resolve any issues that arise. Read on for the essential documents that everyone should bring to their tax preparer to save the most money they can.   Photo Credit: Getty Images