The Ultimate Guide to Haggling

Everything’s Negotiable

When most people think about haggling, they usually imagine rapid-fire negotiations with merchants in a Turkish bazaar (or perhaps the memorable haggling scene from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian). Sure, price negotiations happen in the U.S. if you’re trying to buy a car or a house, but when it comes to everyday purchases, you have to pay the price on the tag. Right? Well, it turns out that’s not entirely true. Retailers mark up a product considerably over its wholesale price, which means that even when you factor in the costs of operating a store, there’s still plenty of room for a retailer to discount an item and still turn a profit. And while they’ll usually give those discounts in the forms of markdowns and coupons, sometimes you just have to go ahead and ask if they’ll give you a lower price. To find out the best way to haggle your way to bigger savings, we spoke to some veteran deal-hunters and negotiation experts to get their tips for pulling off a successful haggle, whether you’re buying a new TV or a blueberry pie. Photo Credit: Getty Images