The Truth About Food Stamps

Food Stamp Nation

As recently reported by The New York Times, food stamp use is “at a record high and surging by the day.” Six million Americans who receive food stamps reportedly have no other income whatsoever. I wanted to learn more about this government-run safety net, which is officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. The idea of giving people free money makes my reptile-chilled capitalist blood boil. That said, the thought of actually receiving free money makes me giddy. So I began to wonder: could I actually qualify for food stamps? How would I apply? Could I do it online? The truth is that I don't qualify… but I’m cheap and if I did qualify, I would have absolutely no problem taking Uncle Sam’s money (I pay my taxes, after all). I feel no stigma – none whatsoever. Photo Credit: clementine gallot