Translating Real Estate Listings

Real Estate Buzzwords to Watch Out For

Nothing is ever what it seems, especially real estate. Chances are that anyone who has looked to rent or buy an apartment or home has at some point been disappointed to find that the property barely resembled what was advertised in the real estate listing. Perhaps the third bedroom turned out to be a closet or the kitchen that was supposed to be fit for a gourmet chef barely fit a microwave and a fold-up chair. While they may not like to admit it, much of this stems from a deliberate attempt by real estate agents to put a positive spin on the property in real estate listings, even if that means stretching the truth. “It’s a numbers game. For those who do it, the goal is to get people to the property and hope they’ll buy it,” said Paul Campano, senior sales associate at Keller Williams Realty. However, as Campano admits, he’s unsure about how sound the logic is behind this method since prospective tenants will likely just see the place and walk away. “I’d much rather under-promise and over-deliver.” Photo Credit: Casey Serin