Top 10 Financial Heroes and Villains of 2013

Annus Mirabilis/Annus Horribilis

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — 2013 was a banner year for news, on Wall Street and around the world. The Dow and the S&P set record after record, reaching all-time highs even as the fiscal chaos of Washington's budgetary battles led to sequestration cuts and a government shutdown. Silicon Valley as well as the capital was rocked by revelations of blanket surveillance, and details began to emerge of massive rate rigging schemes by the world's most powerful banks. What follows is a review of the heroes and villains who drove this year's headlines to such euphoric heights and such miserable lows (with apologies to devotees of the fiasco, surely the product of some villainous back-end work but too ongoing for a retrospective rehash).