Ten Tips for Working from Home


NEW YORK (MainStreet)—When I made the decision to start working from home I was certain that, of all the challenges ahead, actually getting work done would be the easy part. After all, I had just left practice as a "BigLaw" attorney with an absolutely punishing schedule. I'd spent years building my career on 14 hour days and 24/7 availability. If anybody had the discipline to sit down at his kitchen table and just get the job done, I thought, I did. I had visions of sleeping until noon, working until midnight and taking breaks any time I pleased. I would finally build my work schedule around my personal life instead of the other way around. The flexibility would allow me to be so much more productive, because I would finally be working on my time instead of everybody else's. It was going to be great. As it turns out, this couldn't have been more wrong. In fact, according to the experts, the more flexibility in home work habits, the worse off you are. So after a few educational, and humbling, conversations with time management professionals Peter Turla and Elaine Quinn, here are ten tips for effectively working from home.