States With the Worst Commutes

The Worst States for Commuters

Other than the times you get handed an assignment by your boss that you absolutely don’t want to do, the worst part of the work day is probably the commute. But some places in the country have it worse than others. Last month, the U.S. Census Bureau released the first part of its massive 2009 American Community Survey, which compiled statistics on dozens of aspects of American life, including the wealth, age and ethnic demographics of different states. Among other things, the Census also surveyed residents of every state to find out the average amount of time it takes them to get to work. On the whole, the average commute time actually decreased slightly nationwide to 25.1 minutes last year. By comparison, it was 25.5 minutes the year before that. So either fewer people are on the road driving because of the recession, or Americans are just moving a little slower. Of the states with the shortest commute, the majority are in the middle of the country. North Dakota, which had the shortest overall, had an average commute time of 16.6 minutes. Perhaps it should change its motto to the “work-from-home state.” On the bright side, if your state happens to be on this list, at least you will have earned the right to complain to your friends and family elsewhere in the country. Photo Credit: tronics