States With Smoker-Friendly Laws

No Place for Smokers

Americans have become quite divided on the issue of smoking in the past decade. Virtually no states had smoking laws Dec. 31, 2000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but only a decade later, almost half had a comprehensive smoking law banning the practice in restaurants, bars and private-sector workplaces. The agency predicts that all states will have comprehensive smoke-free laws by 2020. So, as you make your domestic travel plans this summer (who can afford to fly to Rio these days?), keep in mind that you won’t have the luxury to smoke anywhere you want to, or that you may even find yourself in a smoky bar when that would never be allowed back home. Smoking may be taboo, but there are some states that refuse to submit to the nonsmoking trend. MainStreet rounded up the seven that have no statewide laws at all and took a look at some of the rest that have limited anti-smoking laws. Photo Credit: mustafa…

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