The Richest States in America

The Richest States

Ever wonder how wealthy the people are in your state? Well, we do. So we decided to do a little searching and came up with a list of the states that have the most (and fewest) millionaires. To get these numbers, we used a report from Phoenix Marketing International, which determined the number of millionaire households in each state as a percentage of the total population in that state as of mid-2009. According to Phoenix, a millionaire household is one that has at least $1 million in liquid assets, so real estate does not count. We’ve also included median household income by state which we took from 2008 census numbers, to provide you with a fuller picture of your state’s riches. We’ll start with the 10 states that have the most millionaires and then list the 10 states that have the fewest. Photo Credit: aresauburn