States With the Biggest Tax Refunds

Uncle Sam Pays Who?

Last year, the Internal Revenue Service returned more than $332.8 billion to people who filed an individual income tax return. This means that, on average, taxpayers received a $2,690 check from Uncle Sam in 2010, a figure that we’re on course to meet again in 2011. Preliminary statistics released by the IRS late last week have the average tax return hovering around $3,129 this year, but those numbers tend to go down as April 15 approaches and more people file. At this time last year, the average was a bit higher at $3,149. In sifting through last year’s statistics, MainStreet wondered if one state was more likely to get back more money than others. Using IRS data from the 2009 tax year, we divided the amount of individual income tax refund dollars received in each state by the number of individual tax returns filed there to get the average refund given in every state. Read on to find out if you live in a state that has tax filers that collected the highest – or lowest – average refund from the government in 2009. We’ll tackle the 10 states with the lowest refunds first and then look at who made out best for tax refunds last year. Photo Credit: Diana Cordell