The Dumbest States in America

Is Your State Smarter than A Fifth Grader

Unless IQ tests become mandatory at every workplace in America, it will probably not be possible to determine the exact intelligence of people in every state. And even then, many would argue that IQ tests are a poor measurement of smarts to begin with. So where does that leave us? I was pretty eager to just go “Jay-walking” across the country and quiz strangers about current events and geometry. But in lieu of that, we decided to compile two excellent education reports from recent years to give you a fuller picture of America’s education system and the intelligence of the adults it produces. The first was a comprehensive study from 2007 released by Morgan Quitno Press, an independent research company that specializes in state data. They took into account several key educational factors such as math and reading proficiency at various grade levels, high school dropout rates, class size and the average ratio of students to teachers. (You can read more of their methodology here.)  The second report we used was a state-by-state breakdown of SAT scores compiled by the College Board. We’ll start with the “smartest” states and then move on to the “dumbest“ states.  But we put those words in quotes because what we’re really talking about is which states produce the best educated citizens. Photo Credit: cogdogblog