The Secret to Cheaper Cell Phone Bills

Stop Overpaying for Your Cell Phone

Put down your phone for a minute and listen up. Whether you know it or not, there’s a good chance that you’re blowing money unnecessarily on your cell phone bill each month. As of last year, the average cell phone user spent $63 a month on his or her cell phone bill, despite the fact that the majority of consumers talk on their phones for less than 200 minutes a month. That’s a lot to pay per minute, and the average monthly bill has likely gone up over the past year as more Americans continue to adopt smartphones with pricey monthly data plans. Now, we’re obviously not going to argue that you should give up your cell phone all together. I personally am so addicted to my iPhone that I’m probably more likely to forget the keys to my apartment in the morning than my cell phone. Yet, the vast majority of Americans are spending more money on their phones than they need to. According to BillShrink, an online service that helps consumers cut costs on everyday expenses, 80% overpay for their cell phone bills, and many do so by a substantial amount. Schwark Satyavolu, the CEO of BillShrink, told us that the average consumer overpays by $500 over the course of a two-year cell phone contract. With that money, you could buy yourself a better phone and sign up for a whole new contract. Here is a breakdown of what consumers tend to overpay for and some tricks to cut down your monthly cell phone bill. Photo Credit: barbaranixon