Ridiculously Funny Product Warnings

Wacky Product Warnings

French politicians are currently considering a law that would require health warning labels to be placed on all touched up photos of models. The proposed label: "Photograph retouched to modify the physical appearance of a person." France is motivated by a legitimate worry (their women are the thinnest in Europe but think they are fat). However, given that most people probably assume professional photos get touched up anyway, does adding this label really have an impact? These days, everything comes with excessive warnings, largely due to a woman who sued McDonald’s in 1992, claiming that their coffee gave her third-degree burns. Since then, their coffee has carried a label warning that it’s hot. While many product warnings carry sensible information to reduce consumer hazards, many newer ones seem to promote irrational worries, begging the question, which ones are actually necessary? We’ll let these 11 product warnings speak for themselves. Photo Credit: CarbonNYC