Ridiculously Funny Product Warnings

Wacky Product Warnings

French politicians are currently considering a law that would require health warning labels to be placed on all touched up photos of models. The proposed label: "Photograph retouched to modify the physical appearance of a person." France is motivated by a legitimate worry (their women are the thinnest in Europe but think they are fat). However, given that most people probably assume professional photos get touched up anyway, does adding this label really have an impact? These days, everything comes with excessive warnings, largely due to a woman who sued McDonald’s in 1992, claiming that their coffee gave her third-degree burns. Since then, their coffee has carried a label warning that it’s hot. While many product warnings carry sensible information to reduce consumer hazards, many newer ones seem to promote irrational worries, begging the question, which ones are actually necessary? We’ll let these 11 product warnings speak for themselves. Photo Credit: CarbonNYC

Baby Oil

MANUFACTURER: Johnson and Johnson WARNING: “Close tightly after use and keep out of reach of children. This product is not a toy.” OUR TAKE: We agree with the part about keeping it out of reach of children … though it is oil for babies. Also, whether or not baby oil can be considered a toy is a matter of opinion. Ahem. Photo Credit: 44444


MANUFACTURER: Rowenta WARNING: “Do not direct steam at people or animals or iron clothes while they are being worn.” OUR TAKE: We’re not worried about this one because we don’t have any “iron clothes.” However, my dog’s life just got a lot better. Photo Credit: Mike Schmid

Male Enhancement Drugs

MANUFACTURER: Extenze WARNING: ”Do not use if pregnant or nursing.” OUR TAKE: This label really only applies to the one pregnant man on Earth. And quite honestly, we’re not even sure it applies to him. Photo Credit: JonnyHunter

Hair Dryer

MANUFACTURER: Conair WARNING: “Never use while sleeping.” OUR TAKE: The most dangerous risk here is when you both sleep-blow dry and sleep-bathe. Could lead to sleep-electrocution. Photo Credit: Don Fulano

Computer Mouse

MANUFACTURER: SGI WARNING: “Do not dangle the mouse by its cable or throw the mouse at co-workers.” OUR TAKE: That’s what swivel chairs are for. Photo Credit: trawin


MANUFACTURER: Black Cat Fireworks WARNING: “Flammable. Do not put in mouth.” OUR TAKE: Too late. Photo Credit: moacir


MANUFACTURER: Unknown WARNING: “Do not use for drying pets.” OUR TAKE: Use the hair dryer instead. That’s pretty much the only thing they don’t warn you against. Photo Credit: freedenizen

Sleep Aid

MANUFACTURER: Nytol WARNING: ”May cause drowsiness.” OUR TAKE: So does Jay Leno’s new show, but we keep watching it. Photo Credit: agoode

Motor Homes

MANUFACTURER: Winnebago WARNING: “Don’t leave the driver’s seat while cruise control is set.” OUR TAKE: All because one person decided to brew some coffee in the back of his trailer while on cruise control at 70 mph. No joke necessary. Photo Credit: miss rogue

Go Kart

MANUFACTURER: Razor WARNING: “This product moves when used.” OUR TAKE: If this comes as a surprise, you might be better off playing checkers instead. Photo Credit: julialat34

Bread Pudding

MANUFACTURER: Marks & Spencer WARNING: “Product will be hot after heating.” OUR TAKE: Not in my microwave; it’s been working funny ever since I put the dog in there. Photo Credit: Kent Wang

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