Relaxing Real Estate: Spa Resorts

Spa Living, Literally

Oh the mud baths, seaweed wraps, mineral pools, deliciously hot hot tubs – the physical and emotional benefit you can get from a week at the local hot springs is the perfect way to recharge your batteries in today’s fast-paced society. For most of us though, a spa vacation is a luxury that can be very hard to afford. But what if you could take that relaxed utopia home with you? Well, it’s actually not too hard to do that. By buying into a residential spa community, you can enjoy the perks whenever you want them and be the envy of all your friends while you do it. Sure, it may mean everyone you have ever known will want to come and spend a week on your couch, but at least you won’t have to worry how to afford that spa vacation you used to worry about. Here are some of the country’s best spa communities, and they have properties for sale, so act now to reserve your spot in the hot tub. Photo credit: Thomas Wanhoff