Office Faux Pas: Will They Get You Fired?

Mind Over Manners

In our current economic climate, it’s a good idea for workers to be on their best behavior, but that doesn’t mean that showing up late, calling in sick and gossiping around the water cooler have disappeared entirely from the workplace. It also shouldn’t mean that work/life balance is a thing of the past, despite the fact that, a majority of Americans seemed inclined to facilitate its extinction. But, while shoddy work and consistently poor work habits are likely to cost you a promotion or, worse yet, your job, MainStreet wondered just how stringent most employers were with their office handbook. We talked to job experts about just how detrimental a loose interpretation of these rules can be to your work life. Read on to find out whether or not many common assumptions about office etiquette are, indeed, fact or fiction. Photo Credit: Getty Images