Obama on the Dollar Bill?

Rebranding America’s Money

American greenbacks have earned a bad rap globally and one design firm wants to use Barack Obama’s image to turn that all around. Thanks to the recession and a spate of senseless behavior, to some critics, U.S. dollars now represent greed, corruption and economic strife -- basically everything wrong with our country today. “With its cartoonish graphics and vaguely sinister styling,” Co.Design writer Suzanne LaBarre argues, “[the dollar] actually looks the part.” Enter Dowling Duncan, a U.K. graphic design firm that recently competed in creative consultant Richard Smith’s Dollar ReDe$ign Project contest, an online movement seeking to rebrand and rebuild the dollar. The prototyped “bills are designed to be educational, intuitive, and, to put it plainly, make America feel like it sucks a little bit less,” LaBarre says. Whether they’ll salvage our nefarious image, however, is anyone’s guess. Check out the other contestants’ entries here. Photo Credit: Dowling Duncan