The Most Shoplifted Items of 2009

Retail Crime Spree

Shoplifting is on the rise and it may be costing you money, even if you don’t own a store. According to the 2009 Global Retail Theft Barometer Study, 41.2% of retailers worldwide experienced a significant increase in shoplifting this year, largely spurred by the recession. In the United States alone, retail crimes, which primarily include shoplifting and employee theft, resulted in a net loss of $42.2 billion, from June 2008 through June 2009. Yet, as CNN Money reports, the loss was often passed on to American consumers. Each family was forced to pay approximately an extra $435 when purchasing these items because retail stores raised prices to compensate for money lost from stolen goods. Worst of all, as the study emphasizes, there are relatively few protections in place for the most shoplifted items, just the basic surveillance systems. Since we are all essentially picking up the tab for many of these items, we might as well see what we’ve bought. Here are some of the most shoplifted items of the past year. Some will undoubtedly surprise you. Photo Credit: Daquella manera