The Most Religious States in America

Is Your State Godless or God-Fearing?

We always hear that Americans are more religious in the Southern states and less so in the North East, and a new survey largely confirms this assumption. However, there are several surprises in there, too. The Pew Research Center recently released a comprehensive survey that analyzed how religious each of the 50 states are really. The polling data took into account four key issues: the importance of religion in people’s daily lives, how frequently people in that state go to religious services, the frequency of prayer in general and the certainty of their belief in God. The prevalence of one religion or another is not indicated here, only the commitment to religion in general. We weighed these four parts equally and created a blended average of the states to calculate a comprehensive ranking. So, is your state more godless or god-fearing? Check out this list to find out. We’ll start with the ten most religious states and move on to the ten most godless states. But first, here is the national average so you know how people in your state compare to the rest of the country. Photo Credit: c0t0s0d0