The Most Popular Weight Loss Sites

A level playing field

If you type the word “nutrition” into Google, the search engine kicks back approximately 111 million results. The word “diet” gets you 134 million results. So it goes without saying that there is a lot of content out there for people interested in weight loss and better eating in general.  That means if you’re a magazine operating in that space and you’re increasing your online presence, you’ll be facing a considerable amount of competition. “For a brand that has established a credible presence with a print product it has some built in advantages,” says Mitch Speers, COO of eMedia Vitals an online publication that serves print media executives who are moving their publications online. “Trust in the brand is going to be a pretty important determiner of who the reader relies upon. But if the print brand says we’re going online only because our subscriptions are drying up, that may not be an indication of a strong brand to begin with. And if it’s business as usual and they’re just publishing it online instead of in a magazine, it’s not going to work. It’s about using the capabilities of the web effectively.” Photo Credit: alancleaver_2000