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To celebrate the 25 billionth app download (yes, billionth) last week, Apple released a list of the most popular free iPhone and iPad apps of all time. The most popular apps on the iPhone are mainly a mix of games and social networking tools, while the most popular apps on the iPad are much more dominated by news and e-reading apps – and yes, a few games as well. As shoppers around the country get ready for the new iPad to hit store shelves, we decided to round up the 25 most downloaded free iPad apps of all time, based on Apple’s list. Even those who have been using an iPad since its release may discover a few great apps they didn’t know existed. Photo Credit: cogdogblog

25th-Most Popular App: Friendly for Facebook

For whatever reason, it took Facebook more than a year and a half to introduce an iPad-optimized version of its iPhone app. In that time, other apps such as Friendly for Facebook filled the void. Even though Facebook now does have an iPad app, some may still prefer this one because it offers more ability for customization, along with photo-editing features and the option to switch between multiple Facebook accounts.  Photo Credit:

24th-Most Popular App: Solitaire

Why someone would spend $500 or more on a product to play a game that only requires a $2 deck of cards is beyond us, but then again people play it on the computer, too. So if you’d like to extend your Solitaire habit onto a yet another device, download this app. Photo Credit:

23rd-Most Popular App: Twitter

There are plenty of excellent third-party Twitter apps such as Twitterific, TweetDeck and Hootsuite, which offer extra features and different viewing options, but the standard Twitter app is probably the best choice for anyone just looking for a simple and free way to check their Twitter feed and post updates. Photo Credit:

22nd-Most Popular App:

Some apps such as the Kindle for iPad do offer a built-in dictionary to look up words in the text, but for those who want something a little more comprehensive, there’s nothing better than the app. Photo Credit:

21st-Most Popular App: Angry Birds Seasons HD Free

There are six games that cracked the top 25 list, and half of them are variations of Angry Birds. If you’re not already familiar with the ongoing war between the birds and the pigs, you should probably familiarize yourself. It’s become a pop culture phenomenon. Photo Credit:

20th-Most Popular App: eBay for iPad

Somewhat surprisingly, eBay is the only shopping app to make the top 25, perhaps suggesting that many iPad users rely more on traditional Web sites rather than apps for shopping. The real perk of the eBay iPad app is that you can quickly scan and price any items you want to sell on the site. Photo Credit:

19th-Most Popular App: Flipboard

Flipboard is an absolute essential for any news junkie out there. The app transforms your news feeds from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into a magazine by highlighting the most shared posts and displaying pictures for each. You can also choose to follow curated news categories such as technology and travel. Photo Credit:

18th-Most Popular App: MyPad – for Facebook and Twitter

MyPad is a great way to manage your Facebook and Twitter news feeds in one place. It also includes some useful extra features such as an events calendar and music streaming. Photo Credit:

17th-Most Popular App: Facebook

Facebook didn’t optimize its mobile app for the iPad until late last year, but that didn’t stop iPad users from downloading the application anyway. The new version of the app is particularly useful for viewing photo galleries and playing Facebook games. Photo Credit:

16th-Most Popular App: USA Today for iPad

The USA TODAY app offers all the perks of reading the actual newspaper, from catching up on sports and weather updates to playing crossword puzzles. Photo Credit:

15th-Most Popular: NYTimes for iPad

Steve Jobs criticized this app by The New York Times Co. at times, but apparently most iPad users want it nonetheless. The app mimics the feel and layout of the actual paper, but mixes in impressive videos and photo galleries to create a true multimedia experience. Photo Credit:

14th-Most Popular: Calculator

Perhaps this app is proof that people do use the iPad for work after all. Photo Credit:

13th-Most Popular: Fruit Ninja HD Lite

Full disclosure: I am a Fruit Ninja addict and I don’t even understand why. All you do is swipe your finger across bananas and pears and pomegranates as they fly across the screen, and hope to god that you don’t happen to hit a bomb, and suddenly you look up from the fruit frenzy and realize 16 hours of your life are gone forever and you don’t even have any fruit in your refrigerator to comfort yourself. Photo Credit:

12th-Most Popular App: Calculator Pro

Calculator Pro is very similar to the Calculator app mentioned earlier, except it has a little more ability for customization – you know, for the person who really wants their virtual calculator to look snazzy. Photo Credit:

11th-Most Popular App: Google Earth

The only word to describe the Google Earth app is jaw-dropping. The app uses satellite images to display detailed maps and high-resolution pictures of anywhere in the world. All you have to do is swipe your finger on the screen to pick your next destination. Photo Credit:

10th-Most Popular App: Words With Friends HD Free

Words With Friends is the most popular game for the iPhone and one of the most popular for the iPad. For those who haven’t played, it’s essentially Scrabble under a different name. The only downside of the free version is that it is flooded with ads, so it might be worth springing for the $2.99 version. Think of it this way: If the game is addictive enough to get Alec Baldwin kicked off a plane, there’s a good chance you’ll end up playing it a lot too. Photo Credit:

9th-Most Popular App: CNN App for iPad

CNN is the highest-ranking news app of any available on the iPad. All credit to Anderson Cooper -- and yes, some excellent video integration. Photo Credit:

8th-Most Popular App: Angry Birds Rio HD Free

The birds strike again. Photo Credit:

7th-Most Popular App: Pandora Radio

Take that, Spotify. Pandora Radio is the only music app to crack the top 25. Though, to be fair, the Pandora app has been around for years and it’s free, which certainly helps its popularity. Just like Pandora’s Web site, the app lets users create their own radio stations and stream a random set of songs based on their preferences. No, you can’t pick out the specific songs you want to listen to, but sometimes it’s more enjoyable to discover new music. Photo Credit:

6th-Most Popular App: ABC Player

The ABC Player is a great way to watch recent full-length episodes from your favorite ABC shows, such as Modern Family and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Best of all, it’s completely free. Photo Credit:

5th-Most Popular App: Kindle

The Kindle app is arguably even better than Apple’s own iBooks app. It gives you access to more than 1 million books through Amazon’s store, not to mention hundreds of newspapers and magazines, and it syncs up perfectly across a wide range of devices including the Mac, iPhone and of course the Kindle. Photo Credit:

4th-Most Popular App: Skype for iPad

Skype is less essential for video chatting with friends now that the iPhone and iPad have FaceTime, but it’s still a great option for making free phone calls and cheap international calls. Also, if your iPad has only Wi-Fi access, you can use Skype to basically turn it into a phone – though we wouldn’t recommend holding it up to your head like a phone. Photo Credit:

3rd-Most Popular App: Netflix

The Netflix app is available on the iPhone as well, but the experience of watching movies and TV shows on the iPad at home or on the go is so much better. The app itself is free, though you will need to sign up for a $7.99 streaming subscription to actually use it. Photo Credit:

2nd-Most Popular App: The Weather Channel

It might seem odd for a weather app to outrank so many popular games and social networking tools, but The Weather Channel’s app is an absolute necessity for anyone with a smartphone or tablet. It’s simple to use, offers comprehensive weather maps and forecasts, and notifies you of any significant weather alerts in your area. Photo Credit:

The Most Popular App: Angry Birds HD Free

Angry Birds isn’t just an app, it’s a franchise. There’s a Wii video game, plenty of memorabilia and it even has a presence in space (sort of). So it should come as little surprise that it’s also the most popular iPad app of all time. As you’ve seen already, once you finish playing this app, there are plenty of other versions available. Photo Credit:

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