The Most Lucrative Hallmark Holidays

A Card for Every Occasion

We all know that Christmas is a boon for retailers – according to the National Retail Federation, American retailers brought in close to half a trillion dollars in winter holiday sales last year. But Christmas and Hanukkah aren’t the only holidays that are good news for greeting card companies and flower delivery services. Mother’s Day is Sunday, but it’s been an official holiday for less than a century; meanwhile, Father’s Day (celebrated in June) was only made official in 1972. They’ve been followed by a slew of other “holidays” like Administrative Professionals’ Day and Grandparents’ Day. Got a special nurse in your life? Make sure you get her a card for Nurse’s Day, which is Friday. Like candy? Celebrate “Sweetest Day” on Oct. 15 by giving candy and a greeting card to whomever you please. Buy two so that the next day you can get on your boss’s good side by giving him or her a little something on National Boss Day, Oct. 16. Photo Credit: Getty Images