The Most 'Liked' Retailers on Facebook

Making Shopping Social

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, and artists, brands, retailers, charities, restaurants and pretty much every entity imaginable have tried to leverage the site’s 600-million strong membership to their advantage. Musicians may promote a new album or release and exclusive track on Facebook; retailers offer e-gift cards for their online stores; local businesses tie sales to the site’s location feature; restaurants promote new dishes; the list of applications is long indeed. By and large, most such promotions happen through an organization’s Fan page, which allows Facebook users to sign up for the brand’s status updates by clicking the “Like” button on its page. You can even do it with MainStreet! Using page ranking data from PageData, a marketing site that tracks Facebook statistics, we pulled the top retailers and restaurants on the site ranked by the total users who have “liked” their fan pages. Only retailers and restaurants with brick-and-mortar locations are included, and we have left out brands that are known mainly as a brand rather than a store. For example, Nike is excluded, since its shoes are sold in millions of places, but Lacoste in included because it primarily operates its own stores. The top 10 are listed in reverse order, so click through to see who tops the list. We hope you “like” it. Photo Credit: davenin