The Most Expensive Cars to Insure

The Most and Least Expensive 2011 Vehicles to Insure

A new car is one of the biggest purchases you make, even before you consider how much the insurance is going to cost. Generally speaking, the more expensive the car, the more likely it is to come with a hefty insurance bill. Insurance rates for a vehicle, irrespective of the driver, are determined primarily by how much agencies have paid out for repairs on that model in the past. “Rates could be high because there are lots of claims on the car or because the few claims that do exist are high since the parts are so expensive,” Amy Danise, senior managing editor of, told MainStreet. This is why luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW models, cost more to insure. Driver behavior also contributes to the cost of insuring, say, a convertible. “People are buying these cars to go fast and that’s why they’re crashing them,” Danise explains. Conversely, family cars like station wagons or sedans with low horsepower generate lower insurance rates since they’re used more often to commute than to drag race. Which 2011 models specifically present the best (and worst) insurance deals? Read on to find out. Photo