The Most Expensive Airports in the U.S.

Bon Voyage

Looking for a cheap vacation? Well, the first step is choosing your airports carefully. You might want to steer clear of these airports, if possible. The Bureau of Transportation recently compiled sales data for all the airports in the U.S. from the third quarter of 2009 in order to figure out the average cost of flying from each one. (The only ones left out were those in Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.) The good news for travelers is that prices decreased significantly in 2009. The average domestic fare was $306, which is 14.4% less than the same time in 2008.  However, some airports actually reported higher fares than the year before. Boo. The numbers are based on domestic round-trip tickets and include any taxes or fees added to the ticket price “at the time of purchase.” However, this does not include baggage fees or any add-ons to your bill that may come later. So here they are, the 10 most expensive airports in the U.S. and the five cheapest. Photo Credit: maxf