The Most Debt-Ridden States in America

How Much Does Your State Owe?

Everyone knows that our national debt is absolutely huge. It's really just bananas! But what about the states? They borrow a lot too, usually to fund public works projects like roads, bridges and state-run hospitals. Some states tend to borrow more than others, however. Much more. MainStreet gathered all the state debt numbers, based on the most recent census data, which is for 2008. We also grabbed each state’s population for the same year and figured out what each citizen's share of the state debt. In the intervening year since these numbers were current, it’s likely that debt has increased in many states. What follows is a list of the 10 most debt-ridden states and the 10 least debt-ridden states. And, if you’re really into torturing yourself, you can add $39,344.77 to each of these numbers. That’s your share of the national debt at the time this article was filed. That’s based on a total national debt of $12,096,533,127,369.44, with the U.S. population estimated to be 307,449,598. We’ll start with the least debt-ridden states. Photo Credit: Getty Images